Salt and scent infused, the Armor Tube Worm finally solves the problem with wacky rigging stick worms. No more one fish baits, or baits flying off on a cast after a fish or two. We have placed an armor mesh patch for wacky rigging.

  • • Mesh infused for hassle free wacky rigging • No more one fish baits or having to rig each bait with an O-ring tool

AT-140-PH 5.5" Purple Haze Sinking 8
AT-140-SP 5.5" Smoke N Pepper Sinking 8
AT-140-GP 5.5" Green Pumpkin Sinking 8
AT-140-WR 5.5" Watermelon Red Sinking 8
AT-140-BB 5.5" Black with Blue Flake Sinking 8
AT-140-BPB 5.5" Brown with Purple/Black Flake Sinking 8
AT-140-BBY 5.5" Baby Bass Sinking 8
AT-140-PK 5.5" Pumpkin Sinking 8
AT-140-WB 5.5" Watermelon Black Flake Sinking 8
AT-140-SPR 5.5" Salt N Pepper Sinking 8
AT-140-LWR 5.5" Light Watermelon Red Sinking 8