3D scanned from an actual frog the Savage Gear 3D Frog draws vicious strikes from multiple species of game fish. Available in two leg styles: an open leg twitching style frog and a curled leg “buzz” frog style for fishing sparse cover. The extra strong hook can easily pull big bass from heavy cover without bending. Super soft body allows for easy compression for a higher strike to hook up ratio. Available in the top fish producing colors

  • • Two leg styles featuring a spread leg imitation for twitching, and curled leg reaction lure design. • Belly details that the fish actually see. • Designed to pull fish from the heaviest of cover. • Optimized hook up rate, with ultra-sharp single hook configuration.

FG-IL57-GLG 2 1/4" Green Leopard Glossy Floating 1
FG-IL57-DL 2 1/4" Dark Leopard Floating 1
FG-IL57-WLM 2 1/4" White Leopard Matte Floating 1
FG-IL57-BY 2 1/4" Black Yellow Floating 1